Album News! and more….

We have finished recording our 3rd full length studio album. Alain Johannes produced this one and was very hands on. He played guitar, keyboards and sang background vocals, coming up with his parts on the spot. It was truly inspiring to see him work and we are very pleased with the result!

The album is mixed and soon to be mastered.

We are currently looking over Tony Tornay’s photography to get ideas for the cover and layout.

Track listing for Ghosts Among Us
I Dream
Poison the Well
Who Holds the Answer
The Grind
Key to Your Heart
Crawl Like a Man

There are new merch designs in the STORE!  Be sure to head over to see the new hoodies, T shirts and hats.


We are starting to book out shows in 2022. Finally!

We are playing as a 3 piece and will eventually add a second guitarist and possibly keys. Get in touch if you are interested in trying out.

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