All Souls and Fatso Jetson recording live for virtual concert


We are getting antsy.
Not playing shows is a drag.

We decided to put together a virtual concert which we will be filming this weekend.
2 bands: All Souls and Fatso Jetson recording live at Total Annihilation Studios in Los Angeles with rad projections. We’re doing it right with a 3 camera crew and will edit it down with the recording soon after to be streamed on Veeps. More info as soon as we have a release date on that.

And then there is the Jam in the Van/Orange Amplifier’s sponsored show with Earthless on April 20!

We’re doing stuff!

Also, we have a new guitarist – Matt Price who also plays in Behold! the Monolith. He shreds and is a great addition to the band. We are busy writing new material for the next album which we plan to record soon.

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