Founded in Los Angeles in the winter of 2016, All Souls is a continuation of the musical journey for all the band members. Featuring Antonio Aguilar (Vocals, Guitar) and Meg Castellanos (Bass/Vocals, both of Totimoshi) alongside Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson/Desert Sessions), All Souls creates songs that are lyrically dark, infusing the band’s unique style and perspective on the state of today’s world.

“Taking traumatic and painful experiences and using it as an essence of expression – that to me is songwriting. All Souls has no problem with honesty. We aren’t afraid of telling our story” – explains Antonio Aguilar.

While the band constantly drives the compositional structure to an extreme, All Souls manage to keep the balance masterfully adding different shades uniting references from their wide musical backgrounds and cultures.

All Souls released their first self-titled full-length debut in 2018 with producer Toshi Kasai, known for his work with Tool, Foo Fighters and (the) MELVINS. Earmarked by rough-and-tumble riffing, the music twists and turns with psychedelic voodoo and a metallic edge.

In 2020 the band released “Songs for the End of the World” to critical praise, cementing its rare songwriting craft with depth and emotion. A live split with Fatso Jetson followed. “Virtual Volumes” was released on Ripple Music in August of 2022.

The recently released “Ghosts Among Us” (Oct 2022, Oscura Records) produced by Alain Johannes (Eleven/Queens of the Stone Age/PJ Harvey/Chris Cornell) revisited themes of darkness and death/anxieties and trauma. Touching upon cultural mysticism, the songs are deep and haunting leaving the listener engaged in its beauty and spirit. It has been praised as their best album to date.

Since 2016, All Souls has been continuously writing and releasing music and videos. They have shared the stage with Tool, The Jesus Lizard, (the) Melvins, Meat Puppets and Red Fang; performing on the Desert Fest Tour in the UK with Fatso Jetson, Ripple Fest, Heavy Psych Sounds Fest, as well as Orange Amplifers’ Jam In The Van. The band is currently booking US tour dates in 2023 and looking forward to getting back in to the recording studio.

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Ghosts Among Us album art features black and white desert scene with mystically dressed person


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